Zuphel Baguio

Foundr.com Web Developer, SkillsPH CEO


What is your current gig? (work, startup)

At present, I am a contractor web developer at Foundr.com. Foundr is a digital magazine and education company with offices in Australia and New York.

Outside Foundr, I dedicate my free time to SkillsPH. SkillsPH is about stories of successful freelancers and free training platform. I created the platform to help other Filipinos who have doubts on how to start working online by providing comprehensive guides, courses, and coaching.

How did you get started? (get a job, educational background)

Back in the days, I used to work as a crew in Jollibee and Greenwich fast food companies. Despite being not finished at my college, I have been a manager in Cellworks Digital Entertainment – a cellphone digital shop company. One day at my work in Cellworks, my friend introduced me to this online job platform called Odesk now Upwork. From there, my story as a freelancer got started.

From the beginning, it was really elbow grease that you need to research and study in order to get verified at Odesk and launch the first project. I remember my first project was a virtual assistant in a recording company in London called Criminal Records at $1.5 per hour. My only skills at that time were basic HTML and research. But I have to do the strategic approach in order for me to sustain and compete with other freelancers. Whenever I’ve seen a job posting that got my attention, I’ll do a quick search and learn if it’s easy to comprehend, and with gobs of job hiring. It will leverage for a freelancer to upgrade your skillset so that companies will prefer in choosing you amongst other applicants or you have other options on what to apply for.

Here’s the list of companies I have worked as a freelancer.

  • Foundr.com
  • Hostpapa.com
  • Oscillosoft.com.au
  • Cocotreasure.com
  • GlobalTechMarketingGroup.com
  • Grassroots.org
  • Safetymits.com
  • Fentonla.com
  • ChadBazzi.com
  • Caveatloansaustralia.com.au
  • CriminalRecords.cc

What tools, applications, gadgets, and computer setup are you using on your work?

  • Google Docs
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Asana
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Are you a nomad? What’s your workstation setup like? (office like, work anywhere, room)

It’s very minimal and a bit cluttered workspace. I have my desktop as my main machine and a laptop.

How do you manage your time from work, personal, and family?

I woke up at around 5 in the morning. At first,  I’ll check if I have an interesting email in my inbox, browse a few minutes in social media, and 30 minutes of reading. From 8 am until 4 pm Monday to Friday will be focusing on Foundr.com projects. On Saturday, if I don’t have any side projects, I’ll be at SkillsPH. And Sunday is dedicated to family.

What did you do during stressful days?

My kinda escape from stress at work is playing guitar. Back in the days, I’ve used to play in the band as lead guitarist.

The one-word or phrase that best describes how you work?


Your advice to people who want to start or just started freelancing.

Start now and earn a living. There’s no such thing that is an easy job but you need to work on it. At SkillsPH, our goal is to help every Filipino who is willing to learn and work either home-based or in a corporate company.


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