Rigo Talingting

Web Developer


What is your current gig/work/startup?

Currently, I am a Web Developer.

How did you get started working freelance?

I am not sure if I’m considered a freelancer because I am a regular employee in a local company here in our city.

What tools, applications, and workstation setup are you using on your work?

  • Using MacBook Pro 13” 2019 [2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 8gb mem]
  • VSCode
  • TablePLus
  • Adobe products
  • other tools used for web development

Are you a nomad? What’s your workstation setup like? (office like, anywhere, room)

I can work anywhere, but I always prefer working in the office because of less disturbance.

How do you manage your time from work, personal, and family?

I usually go to work at around 1 pm and go home around 7 pm onwards. No required working hours but is always on call even during the sleeping time (especially when the servers are down or there are critical issues). Family time is usually spent on Sundays.

How do you cope during stressful days?

For me, spending time with my family helps me cope up with stress, and achieving my goals inspires me to work.

Your advice to people who want to start or just started freelancing.

Freelance has its advantage but can be boring most of the time especially when you are working alone. My advice is always to have something to inspire you to work & set goals so it would help inspire you to continue with your daily tasks.


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