Maria Buvelle aka Sillykonpeito


Maria Buvelle aka Sillykonpeito is a streamer who streams online games. Ever wonder where she got her streamer name Sillykonpeito? Sil·ly·kon·pĕi·tō is a combination of the word “silly” which means foolishly funny and “konpeito” which is Japanese rock candy. She’s been playing FPS, MOBA, RPS, and many more. She started way back on her college days going out with her friends, playing games 8 hours a day, and she even slept in the game shop.

Whether you believe it, before she got into games streaming, she used to be a teacher. She was teaching kids how to write, read in English, and also teach other subjects. How fitting it would be as she was hired for her first job in the marketing department of a gaming company that further her passion in the gaming arena until today. Sillykonpeito isn’t just focused on gaming, she also does modeling, hosting, and cosplaying. She loves to perform on stage singing and dancing. She is a funny and adventurous girl.

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