Karl Angelo Paras

Owner and Founder of Illustrados


Hone and refine your skills always. Learning is a lifelong process. You never really stop learning.

What is your current gig/work/startup?

I am a Web Developer specializing in WordPress. My expertise and interest lie in Website Development and Internet Marketing. I am also the Owner and Founder of Illustrados which is an e-learning platform designed for Filipinos and a SkillsPH instructor.

How did you get started working freelance?

I started freelancing because I have seen a huge potential in the freelancing market. I started developing websites for a Web Design firm at Cabuyao Laguna as an Intern. Later, I decided to take a step further and get online clients from various online job platforms. I have been working as a Web Developer full-time since then.

What tools, applications, and workstation setup are you using on your work?

I have been using Slack and Skype as a primary means of communication especially on my work. My workstation consists of 2 laptops (Windows and Mac Os). I also find Trello useful not only with business and work tasks but for my personal task management as well.

Are you a nomad? What’s your workstation setup like? (office like, room)

Right now I have a Room office inside my house. It’s is very neat. I have a microphone set up for recording voice and videos. I have a dual monitor setup with my laptop and a Mac on the side where I edit my videos.

How do you manage your time from work, personal, and family?

I do work on weekdays and have my leisure activities on weekends. I manage my time by chunking and listing my to-do’s on Trello. I also list my to-do’s and future plans on my large whiteboard here at my office so that I won’t miss anything.

How do you cope during stressful days?

During stressful days, I always Pray. I believe that your faith that God will make a way can make anyone stronger in times of stress. I also eat a lot in times of great stress, not very healthy but I do it anyway.

One word barometer that will describe how you work?


Your advice to people who want to start or just started freelancing.

Hone and refine your skills always. Learning is a lifelong process. You never really stop learning. Technology is always updating, you should be able to adapt and get on board with cutting edge platforms or you will get left behind.


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