Asher Ben Alpay

Concept Artist, Designer and Illustrator


Freelancing is not a walk in the park. You really need to be prepared first before jumping into it.

Asher is a very kind, down to earth man if you will know him in person. After several years of keeping his nose to the grindstone, doing research, practice, and freelancing – this self-taught man manages to put up his own startup called Powered by Pen. Let’s get to his story.

What is your current gig/work/startup?

Currently working as a concept designer, illustrator, and 3D Generalist. Founder of Powered By Pen. Powered by Pen is an art and design studio that provides concept design, illustration, 3D modeling, product design, graphic design, logo, and branding services.

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How did you get started working freelance?

Since college, for almost 8 years I stopped doing any art and design related stuff, then I worked as a call center agent as my very first job. Then I discovered graphic design online and it got me so curious to a point that every time I have a free time I trained myself to be good at it, lo and behold after I felt confident about my work I applied for a Graphic Designer position for Lancera while being still employed as call center agent. Luckily, I got hired as a graphic designer and that was the time I finally and formally resigned as a call center agent.

What tools, applications, and workstation setup are you using on your work?

Currently, I am using a PC with this particular specs: Ryzen 9 3950x, 32GB RAM, ASUS RTX 2070 Super GPU, MSI x570 Motherboard, 1TB SSD and 8TB HHD

Huion Kamvas Pro 20 – this is where I draw and paint

Art and Design Software I used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Blender, Keyshot, Mixamo, Zbrush, Daz 3D, 3DCoat, Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer, Octane, World Creator

Are you a nomad? What’s your workstation setup like? (office like, work anywhere, room)

Work from home with just my PC, table, drawing monitor, and another monitor.

How do you manage your time from work, personal, and family?

You really need to have balance, discipline, and proper time management. Currently, I am taking care of my health more by doing a daily workout, more time with family, and spending time on computers with just pure work. I also lessen my time on social media these days and rather spend it on more informative stuff like learning tutorials.

How do you cope during stressful days?

Either play video games, draw, or spend time with family.

Your advice to people who want to start or just started freelancing.

Freelancing is not a walk in the park. You really need to be prepared first before jumping into it. Because no matter how good you are in your skills, at the end of the day, you will be competing with fellow freelancers who might have the same level of skills as you are or might even better than you. You also need a secondary source of income, or if not have enough savings in your account before jumping to aid you on days where client works are scarce. Also, in freelancing, you have to keep getting better and better each day to stay relevant and in demand and that’s where doing personal projects comes in as they can lead to job offers.


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